Trump Pence 2 Pack! Full Coverage


Our top seller on Etsy is now finally available here! Get a 2- Pack of period panties with Trump and Pence's dumb faces in the crotch for you to bleed all over! Save money with a 2-pack, and get double the bleeding fun! We call em Blood Dumpsters for a reason ;) Please note, this is a listing for our Full Coverage undies! (See photos). Check out other 2 Pack listings for other undies styles. If you'd like different colors in your pack please let us know in a note to seller! 

Period panties can be worn during your period instead of a pad, tampon, sponge, or menstrual cup! These undies are full absorbency so we recommend using them on average to heavier flow days. They are absorbent and leak proof, and are washable and reusable! Every sale comes with a zine with care instructions and a CFU condom! Happy bleeding <3

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