Limey High Waist Period Panties

$22.95 $27.00

The limey undies are from our first line ever! There were two little stragglers hiding in the back of a closet in the studio and they're now on sale and discounted! Both are large and green and white striped, one with Sarah Palin's face and one with Trump's face for you to bleed on :) 

These are some of our original high waist, light coverage undies (meaning you should reach for these during lighter days). They're comfy, super cute period panties featuring Blood Dumpsters, aka Trump or Pence's face in the crotch for you to bleed all over! The crotches are made of leak-proof, moisture- wicking, absorbent, anti-bacterial fabric, making these undies dry, comfortable, safe, and functional. If you want fuller coverage, check out our new line of high waist period panties!