Turn up on Your Period

Whether we're cutting fabric, sewing undies, or shipping out orders, here at CFU we listen to a lot of music. Every month, we compile our favs into a playlist for you to jam to on your period, or whenever! Listen here or find us on Spotify under @cfundies. 

~~July 2018~~

~~June 2018~~

Our June Playlist! Lots of weird, a little funky, somber, yet fun, these songs remind us of June's transitional and nostalgic nature. The transition from spring to OFFICIALLY SUMMER. And all the reminders of summers before that can only come around this time of year. Please enjoy <3

~~May 2018~~

This playlist is curated by our dear friends at Pantyhoes NYC! (@pantyhoesnyc)

~~April 2018~~



This month's playlist is all about spring and anger. I learned at my "out there" college (heyyy Evergreen) that spring's emotion is anger bc seeds everywhere are starting to do that insane thing where they become full grown plants and in order to do this they need a cuhrazy fucking furious energy. Sooo anger can fuel growth?! Happy sprang yallz!!



This playlist goes great with any of your fav period time activities... Chilling on the couch with a book and snacks. Using mood swing (and just normal) fury to fuel strongly worded letters to senators. Sitting on a bus and staring out the window,  feeling all the feels. Dancing! Bleeding on Trump's face! This month's Songs to Bleed To is a mix of moody, banger, and feelin myself, which pretty much sums up how we here at CFU are headin into March.  Just another way we’re working to #makeyourperiodcuteagain