"Empowerment as a function of consumer choice is not feminism... because feminism is at base about equality and capitalism is completely at odds with that" - Anonymous feminist scholar in We Were Feminists Once by Andi Zeisler
Yup, it's true! Exchange of goods for capital isn't exactly feminist, even if it's period underwear with Trump's face in it. And it's something that we are definitely aware of, and trying to work around, change, fuck with, etc at CFU. We're also aware that $20- $30 is more than your average pair of undies, and it can make them inaccessible to folks who want in on the fun, but may not have the money at the moment.
That's why we're trying a new experiment... trades! Or in other words, we send you undies in exchange for something equal in value that isn't money. Here's what we're lookin to trade:
 - We're looking for: If you have more than 20k followers on Instagram or another social media platform and would like to promote us. 
 - Trade: 1 post = 1 pair of undies
- Disclaimer: number of followers doesn't automatically qualify you, we need to make sure your fan base would be down with CFU! 
- What to do: Email us your social media account and a brief bio 
- We're looking for: If you know of a store that you think would be a good fit to carry CFU products, send us the store's name.
- Trade: If we end up working with the store, you get a pair of undies! 
- What to do: Email us the store's name and location
Story of Resistance Blog Post
- What we're looking for: CFU has a blog now! We want it to have all sorts of posts, but in particular we're excited about sharing stories of resistance. If you know a story of particularly effective or disruptive resistance against an oppressive force, we'd love to hear it! Write it down somewhere around 250 words and send it to us. If we use it on our blog, yup, you get undies. Stories can be about you, a friend, or an unsung hero in history. 
- Trade: 1 story posted = 1 pair of undies 
- What to do: Email us your story
- Do you have a skill, resource, time or something else you think you could offer in exchange for undies? 
- Email us your idea, everything will be read and considered 
If you're interested in participating in any of these trades, please email! 
Please note, because we do still live in a capitalist society and money and rent and blah blah blah the majority of our undies will still be sold for money. But depending on how this goes, we will hopefully be able to continue to trade and increase trades over time :)