How's It All Work?

These ain't your grandma's undies. At first glance they may look like just another pair of adorable underthings, but upon closer inspection, there's a lot more to em. 
They're made to be worn on your period, so they've got a few thin layers within in them: 
All of these layers snuggled together means you're covered on your period. That's right, you won't need a tampon, pad, sponge, or menstrual cup! (Although every body is different and if you have a heavy flow, we recommend testing these out along with another menstrual product to figure out what works best for you.) 
Keep them on for as long as feels comfortable! On average, we suggest a tap out after 4-8 hours, depending on the day's flow.
When you're done using them, give them a rinse in the sink under some cold water and then toss them in the washing machine and dryer.
Best of all: