Fun Stuff

Period Calendar


A beautiful hand-drawn period calendar to help you track your cycle! The flower shape is made of 'pearls' for every day of the year. Fill in the days of your period to track your cycle, and see the patterns that emerge. (Mine has been eye-opening!) Be extra (and make a suuuper pretty flower) and track your follicular and luteal phases, ovulation day, whatever you want, go wild! The border features plants and herbs that are beneficial for menstrual health. A lovely way to get more in touch with your bod and cycle and a beautiful wall adornment. Available in 3 colors. Receive a complimentary calendar with every order over $100!

Made by Robin Whealdon of the Etsy shop Mooncakes. 

The calendar has no year associated with it so you can jump in whenever you want and keep using it for a year :)