Cotton Face Masks

Cotton Face Mask


Cotton face masks! Here to protect you against LIGHT drops of moisture! As I'm sure we're all aware, these are not surgical grade PPE. However, according to the CDC they are useful to wear when you just can't take it anymore and gotta leave the house. And they're a great way to make sure medical-grade masks are saved for those who urgently need them! 

Covers face from eyes down, secured with under- chin elastic and two head straps, so they won't irritate your ears. 

These are sliding- scale, meaning you get to choose what you pay woooo! If you are low on cash, go for the minimum $3. If you have some to spare, pay a little extra to make it balance out and keep these as affordable as possible. 

If you are interested in a large quantity (12+) email us at for bulk pricing options. 

Please note, we are using whatever cotton fabric we have in the studio to make these, so you may receive one that looks different than the ones pictured. We CAN promise they will all be functional and cute. Plus who doesn't love surprises?! 

They can be washed in the washing machine and dryer, or hand washed and hung to dry. 

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